AR Magic Card Reader


This project was done just for fun to see if I could cook up a design using AR.

What is magic card reader?

Magic Card Reader is a VR experiment I did for Tarot Card readers. Tarot cards are a pack of playing cards with 4 suits, Major and Minor Arcana that some use for occult or fortune telling purposes. There are roughly 56 cards in the deck with distinct meanings both upright and reverse.

That's over 100 cards a reader has to memorize!

So I created this "Magic Card Reader" to help the user know what the cards mean. The user takes their camera phone and scans the card they get. That card has a code on it and soon there is an "AR Dialog box" associated with that card that gives a summary of what that card stands for. The user can also click a button to see more in depth information about the card they chose on one of the most popular tarot websites, biddytarot.