My values:




& Wonder

Pablo Picasso said all children are artists and I guess I never stopped! 

I studied as an interdisciplinary artist getting an individualized degree at California College of the Arts in San Francisco and Oakland CA. I have worked in small startups and big organizations, getting to do a lot more than just product design. 

What makes me different?

Anyone can be a good designer with enough practice, the biggest value that I've brought to every team and organization is hands down a "culture add." I'm very passionate about making a difference not only to the users, but to my teammates. I strive to help others unlock their potential so everyone can do their best work as a team. 

Clients include

Google, ServiceNow, The Interaction Design Foundation, Smashing Magazine, Epic! Creations, CareerFoundry, Thinkful, and Rosenfeld media to name a few...